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Chava Alberstein


Calling someone her country's greatest singer would be a huge compliment to most performers. In the case of Chava Alberstein, however, it only tells a small part of the story. Alberstein is undoubtedly Israel's most accomplished singer, having released nearly 50 recordings since the late 1960's, many of them now gold or platinum.

Alberstein is Israel; her development as an artist mirrors Israel's development as a country; her growing pains are Israel's growing pains. Alberstein and Israel are even the same age - both turn 50 - and they both share a tiny but powerful stature. But Chava Alberstein sees herself as much as a singer of the world as just a singer of her beloved Israel. "Even though I have lived in Israel nearly my entire life, I am constantly questioning my place in the world," said Alberstein. "Maybe this searching comes from being an artist, maybe it comes from being a Jew. I'm not really sure." This bittersweet tension between the national and the universal is most evident in all of her recordings. From tender love songs to defiant songs about peace and oppression. There are prayerful songs celebrating the beauty of the human form and more melancholy songs about loss, poverty, and solitude.

Alberstein has lately released "The Well" , an album of Yiddish poems she has transformed into folk songs, with the renowned klezmer group the Klezmatics. "In Israel, you would be hard-pressed to find anyone today composing and singing in Yiddish," said Klezmatics lead singer Lorin Sklamberg. "Some people still see Yiddish as the language of soft Jews who can't protect themselves.

But Chava understands the joy and depth of the language." Yiddish was the mother-tongue of Alberstein's family in the small town in Szczecin, Poland, where Chava was born. Her family moved to Israel when Alberstein was only 4-years-old, but Chava says she has never totally lost the feeling of being a stranger. "No matter where I am, even if it's in my own country, I feel like a bit of a guest," she said. "People can appreciate this today, because they move around so much. Every country you go to in the world is filled with so -called foreigners." Since the very first time she ever sang in public - a four-song set, which included songs in French, Spanish, Yiddish, and a gospel standard in English - Chava Alberstein has been a performer of "World Music."

Chava has released more than 40 albums in Hebrew, six of which have been awarded the Kinor David prize, Israel's Grammy. She has also released six albums in Yiddish, and an English album of standards ranging from Gershwin to Lennon and McCartney. A dozen of the records have gone gold, six platinum, and one triple platinum. Alberstein's early Hebrew recordings, with names like "Songs of My Beloved Country," "Beaches," and "Like a Wildflower," speak to Israel as a fledgling country. They are external, almost frontier. "Israel was like a little child in those days," Chava recalled.

"Discovering all the parts of her body.." "If we have a true folk singer, it is Chava Alberstein," Yediot Aharonot, Israel's largest daily newspaper said about Alberstein, naming her the most important female musician in Israel's history. With a half century of life and song under her belt, Chava Alberstein, like Israel, has come to understand that good art, like good state craft, is best achieved by looking inwards and outwards. She is a is a singer who accomplishes that greatest, most precious rarity of all: she speaks for a culture, a tradition. "Everything is good only in the proper measure," Chava sings in one of her songs. It seems her career is yet to see tremendous achievements. She has just signed a record deal with French label Nave/Auvidis, and will record a new album produced by Ben Mink.

. Chava Alberstein For Children (2000)
6 CD Set

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. I'll Be Back (1999)

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. Crazy Flower (1998)
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Chava, the first lady of Israeli song, has been an international star for thirty years. Carzy Flower, her US debut release, is a best of collection of Chava's most popular songs drawn from the entire breadth of her career, including many of her signature hits. She is one of those people whose spirit has found full expression in song. Her passionate dramatic style and rich voice have been part of Israeli life and culture. Considered one of the most important folk singers in the world today, Chava epitomizes the poetry of the Israeli Spirit, presenting an enchanting voyage into the human soul, the heart of the Jewish people and the land of Israel.

Song List

  1. You Are A Miracle
  2. Chad Gadya
  3. The Dove Of Love
  4. Away
  5. Crazy Flower
  6. Old Violin
  7. The Treasure
  8. Like A Wild Flower
  9. Song Chases The Darkness Away
  10. London
  11. A Woman In A Watermelon
  12. Amidst My Life
  13. Signs
  14. Take Me With You
  15. I Shall Talk To You
  16. Mother Used To Say
  17. What Man Is He


. The Dove Of Love(1996)

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  5. FOR YOU
  9. IMAGE
  10. STAR
  14. TELL ME

. London/Live (1995)


Margaritkalach (1994)
Albertstein's performances of Yiddish songs are defined by a touch of world weariness, and a sense of defiance, yet she can be joyful, or playful when necessary. The background arrangements and performances are inventive and alert.
Track listing:

  1. Freiling
  2. Margaritkalach
  3. Fisher Lyad
  4. Kleingen gleker
  5. Chanale Lernt Lashon Kodesh
  6. Blumen
  7. Shichelech
  8. Tzipele
  9. Der Pidler
  10. Genangen Iz a Yingele
  11. Unter a Klein Boymele
  12. Ver Der Ershter Vet Lachn
  13. A Gnayva
  14. Avremele Un Yasele
  15. Di Verbe
  16. Vu Bist Geven
  17. Der Kremer
  18. Shiler, Shtiler
  19. Mit Farmachte Avign
  20. Feter Alia
  21. Chanala Un Nachumel
  22. Dus Alta Farfalak
  23. Achtzik Er Un Tzibetzik Zi
  24. Yam L'had
  25. Zal Nach Zain Shabbos
  26. Di Galdene Pave

More Songs Of My Beloved ... (1990)

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  1. Songs of My Beloved Country
  2. Smiles
  3. Eliezer Ben Yehuda
  4. Bashvil El Habrechot
  5. Shir Mishmar
  6. Yamina Vesmola Vehala Mikan
  7. Mirdaf
  8. Mayim Mitoch Habeer
  9. Solveg
  10. At Heruty
  11. Tfilat Yom Huledet
  12. ShachMat
  13. Shalosh Ahavotai
  14. Nashim Rokdot
  15. Balada Al Sus im Ketem Al Hametach
  16. Kol Yom Any Meabedet
  17. Sipur Intimy
  18. Michtav Le-ima
  19. Shir Syium  

. Live (1995)

Chava Alberstein Collection 2 (1992)

Track listing

  1. Lilacs
  2. Some Nights Are Songs
  3. The Road To Somewhere
  4. Doubling
  5. Because of the Night
  6. Le Chanson Des Vieux Amants
  7. Spin the Wool
  8. Again
  9. Star Tree
  10. I'll Go Crazy
  11. Voices
  12. You're A Wonder
  13. What Man is There….
  14. Longings
  15. Alligators' River
  16. Like A Herb in Spring
  17. Seven
  18. Childhood
  19. The Wheat Still Grows  

Like A Wildflower (1998)

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  1. I will talk to you
  2. Each person has a name
  3. A meeting without end
  4. Walk in the meadow
  5. Seashores
  6. Early in the morning
  7. Days of old in Binyamina
  8. Like A Wild Flower
  9. Sabbath eve song
  10. After my death
  11. The woman said
  12. Falling leaves


Words & Silence & Emigrants (1999)

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Collection (1997)

Song List

  1. Haregel Hofach Lateva
  2. Rachok, Rachok
  3. Chalomot Shmurim
  4. Adaber Itcha
  5. Alfonsina
  6. Hachol Yizkor
  7. Perach M'shuga
  8. Tsipor Hashir
  9. K'shetigd'li Tavini
  10. Sherele
  11. Klafim Al Hamirpeset
  12. N'chama
  13. Tkufot Hashan
  14. Rikma Anusheet Achat
  15. Lu Y'hi
  16. Lifnי Sheyachshich
  17. Shir Eres

. Sings Yiddish Songs . (1999)

Chava Alberstein is the premier voice, world class, poignant, some would say world-weary, of Yiddish culture in Israel and the world. Her work in keeping the tradition alive, in tracking down old songs and even setting Yiddish poems to music for the first time, is therefore all the more important. It provides a bridge to a vibrant culture that was.

When it came to selecting the songs for this collection, Chava sought to portray Yiddish life in as much complexity as the repertoire itself conveys. The stories are very much around daily life, around family. They deal with being old, children, love, in many ways they paint a picture of Jewish daily life in a little village or a small street of Poland. You have the hungry thief, the old man, the children. One song, ‘Oifn Veg Sh’tait a Boim’ is a classical song about a young man who wants to leave the village. He wants to get away, change his life, but his mother loves him so much that she puts on him too many clothes and he cannot move because it is all too heavy. And you have the man with three daughters who wants so much to marry them off, but when they get married, the house is empty, and he is again very sad.

Other songs deal with contemporary history. ‘Zog Nit Kein’mol’ is the anthem of the partisans in Poland during the rebellion of the Warsaw ghetto. ‘Friling’ concerns the Holocaust. Much of the material comes from Poland, though there are Romanian songs as well. Overall, Yiddish Songs is an album of pictures from a Jewish life in Poland, in Romania before and until the war. “Dana Dana” is the only song that was written in America, all the others were written in Romania, Poland and Russia. Here is a varied, complex portrait of a world that no longer exists sung in a language soon to disappear forever.

  1. At The Fireplace
  2. Childhood Years
  3. Dana Dana
  4. Hamavdil
  5. Have A Good Time Little Kids
  6. Melache-Meluche
  7. On The Road There's A Tree
  8. Rabbi Tam
  9. Raisins & Almonds
  10. Reizele
  11. Rivkale
  12. Sarah Sings A Lullaby To Little Isaac
  13. Summer Day
  14. The Gypsy And His Fiddle
  15. The Song Of Kishinev
  16. The Partisans' Song
  17. Three Little Sisters
  18. Under The White Stars
  19. Yankele
  20. Avremi Marvikher
  21. A Tale of Woe About a Jewish King

. Chava Alberstein In Song (Video)

There is only one Chava Alberstein! In this wonderful music video she presents a beautiful mixture of her songs. She sings songs of love, songs of yearning, a lullaby and even an homage to Edith Piaf. Chava is joined by pantomimists, clowns and actors on a variety of colorful sets. A must for Israeli music lovers. songs. She sings songs of love, songs of yearning, a lullaby and even an homage to Edith Piaf. Chava is joined by pantomimists, clowns and actors on a variety of colorful sets. A must for Israeli music lovers.

36 Minutes Color
Sung in Hebrew---Subtitled in English

A Production of Israel Broadcasting Authority
Produced by Dina Kahanovitz
Directed by Tzadi Tzarfati

Featuring: Aryeh Tzarnar/ Yehuddit Ron/Rafi Barbibbai/Ofer Nir/Dina Rubin/ Ron Kahlili/Zygmund Goldrik/Dafna Carta/Bender Ofer








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